Rose Gardening Photography – 6 Tips To Shoot Your Beautiful Rose Garden Like A Pro!

If you are fond of photography as well as rose gardening, there are many exciting creative possibilities for you to explore. Both these hobbies make quite an interesting combination as your roses will often reveal their breathtaking side for you to capture in a timeless photograph. To make that moment count, we are sharing some important tips for you to use. Rose gardening will never remain the same as you will push to do better, just to get that prized look for your roses!

1. Don’t Shoot under Sunlight – It is not a good idea to shoot your roses on a sunny day. What works out best is an overcast weather wherein you will have just the right levels of light to click that perfect photograph. If there are no clouds in sight, you can get around this limitation by clicking either early morning or in the evening. However, please be wary of shadows during these hours. Sunlight may be an essential factor for gardening, but for photography it may prove to be a deterrent as too much light fails to bring out the finer details.

2. Shoot Close ups – If you have an eye for detail, you’d better capture your roses with those beautiful close ups. Your gardening abilities, seasons and your photography skills can come together in an incredible way to produce those breath-taking close-ups. What better than seeing the nature in full bloom by cherishing a close-up picture of a rose sprinkled with dew drops.

3. Subject Placement – Although it may be a very tempting proposition, it may not be necessary to have the subject always in the centre. Your rose garden provides you with many avenues to explore it from varying angles and you must make full use of it.

4. Play with Light – Don’t hesitate to let your imaginations take charge in this department. You can consider reflecting light back with an aluminum foil to create shadowed areas on your roses or block the light completely to show them up against the black background. Being innovative in such a way can create some very interesting effects in your photographs.

5. Don’t shoot the roses alone – It’s not the thing that lends significance to a moment, it’s the moment that lends significance to things. Capture those moments as they happen when the roses and the people who love them come together. You may achieve some interesting contrasts while you take this approach.

6. Slow Speed film is the choice – Roses come in various colors and if you are shooting ones with deep colors you can achieve excellent color saturation by employing a slower speed film. Try it out and you’ll be taken aback by the color difference.

Capturing your roses in a camera lens is a wonderful way to make those special moments of nature last. You must go against the tide and discover different techniques to create the most professional and interesting pictures. Your photography skills and gardening hobby can complement each other very well for you to achieve this objective.

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