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First multi-year study of honey bee parasites and disease reveals troubling trends

Researchers in the United States recently completed the first comprehensive, multi-year study of honey bee parasites and disease as part of the National Honey Bee Disease Survey. The findings reveal some alarming patterns, but provide at least a few pieces of good news as well. Agriculture and Food News — ScienceDaily Continue Reading

Trick of the light may help diseased plants attract greenfly

The leaves of virus-infected plants reflect light differently to attract the attention of disease-spreading greenfly, new research suggests. Scientists have shown for the first time that plant viruses alter the surface of leaves, influencing how light is polarized and helping insects to potentially ‘see’ infected plants. Agriculture and Food News — ScienceDaily Continue Reading

Changing the world, one fridge at a time

To help change the world, have a look inside your fridge — this is one of the messages contained in a new article. Food waste has attained monumental proportions in both the developed and developing worlds, and the sum of individual consumer’s actions can have major impacts on a global scale, according to the article’s… Continue Reading

Chemists shed new light on global energy, food supply challenge

All living things require nitrogen for survival, but the world depends on only two known processes to break nitrogen’s ultra-strong bonds to allow conversion to a form humans, animals and plants can consume. One is a natural, bacterial process on which farmers have relied since the dawn of agriculture. The other is the century-old Haber-Bösch… Continue Reading

Tap water, table salt may be safer, cheaper for milk production cleanup

A safer option for cleaning milking systems on dairy farms may also decrease cleaning time and cost, according to a team engineers. The researchers studied the effectiveness of the first three cycles of the Cleaning-in-Place process — warm water rinse, alkaline wash and acid rinse — using electrolyzed oxidizing, or EO, water in place of… Continue Reading

Plants force fungal partners to behave fairly

Plants react intelligently to their environment: if they can choose between more cooperative and less cooperative fungal partners, they supply the latter with fewer nutrients and thus force them to cooperate more. Based on these findings, scientists believe that plants could also be used to test market and behavioral theories. Agriculture and Food News —… Continue Reading