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Is It Organic? Hydroponic Gardening

Some organic gardeners believe that hydroponic gardening can’t be organic because you don’t use soil. How can you have an organic garden without rich, loamy soil? Good soil is at the heart of organic gardening. Organic hydroponic gardening does exist, however, and has some advantages over conventional organic gardening. Soil-less Gardening Organic hydroponic gardening is… Continue Reading

Most of a caught fish is discarded

Most of a caught fish is discarded

Most of a caught fish is discarded Every year 340,000 tonnes of usable whitefish by-product are discarded into the sea. But the fisheries industry has now identified ways of halting this practice. The fishing company Nordic Wildfish has been assisting in the development of a new technology that can make use of the entire by-product… Continue Reading

Organic Gardening – The Importance Of Right Tools!

These days organic gardening is receiving increasing recognition due to its concept of not using chemicals. Harnessing the power of nature to cultivate healthy plants and vegetable also helps sustain the ecological balance. Armed with a convenient collection of organic gardening implements and tools, you can make your organic garden yield phenomenal results. Then again,… Continue Reading

The weeds that settlers spread

The weeds that settlers spread Why has ragweed — a highly allergenic plant — been spreading so quickly? Researcher Michael Martin took a six-week road trip across the USA and collected 1000 samples of the plant from roadsides and herbaria to answer that exact question. Common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) is spreading throughout Europe, and allergy… Continue Reading

Landscape Gardening – Multiple Tips On Landscape Gardening!

This commentary on landscape gardening will deliberate over the effectiveness of making use of tips on landscape gardening in order to work out various landscaping problems. Provides You With Professional Advice You are aware of what precisely you want implemented and wish that you could hire the services of a landscape specialist to execute the… Continue Reading

Online Gardening Supplies – 5 Advantages Of Shopping Online For Gardening Supplies!

You may just be a novice venturing into the arena of gardening; or you may be a professional gardener with years of experience behind you. You would like to set up a novel garden – different from the vegetable gardens, cottage gardens, indoor gardens, a space age hydroponics (cultivation of plants in nutrient solution, not… Continue Reading