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10 Great Gardening Ideas

If you’ve decided to redesign your garden, then perhaps you’re looking for gardening ideas to help you get the garden you want.

Here are 10 ideas to get you thinking.


1. Why not get the children involved? Perhaps you can give them their own patch of garden, or a few pots, so that they can grow their own plants and flowers. They’ll enjoy helping, and will want to make sure that their seeds grow.

2. You could grow your own fruit and vegetables. As well as saving you money, you’ll notice the difference in taste between fruit and vegetables bought from the supermarket and those you’ve grown in your garden. Perhaps this will spur you on to eating more healthily too.

3. Think about the amount of space you have, and what you can realistically do with it. It’s easy to get carried away and want decking, and water features and huge trees, but, if you don’t have the space, it won’t work. Don’t get too ambitious, and be prepared to scale back your ideas.

4. Do some research and find out what sorts of plants will grow in your garden. Don’t just buy plants, as they may not be suitable for your garden, and so they’ll be a waste of money.

5. If you’re starting from scratch, perhaps you could think about things for the children. Room for a slide, a trampoline, a swing, or to kick a football or play badminton will be greatly appreciated.

6. Your garden will need to be easy to manage. You won’t want to spend all your spare time tending to it. By making sure that the elements you have in your garden don’t need a lot of looking after, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden a lot more, and not see it as a chore.

7. Make sure that your garden is easy to use. Things like the position of the washing line, shed, or the barbeque will make a big difference to how much they get used.

8. Will you want additional storage space from your garden? What about a shed or a garage, or a play house for the children. You might want to build a home office or kids summerhouse

9. Perhaps you could turn some of the garden into an additional play area. What about adding a sandpit, or having somewhere to store the bikes and other outdoor toys and games?

10. Whatever you have planned for the garden, you’ll need to compromise with other members of the family. What might be important to you might not be important to the rest of the family. You might want a cottage garden full of flowers, but will your children? You might want a minimalistic garden that easy to maintain, but will there be an plants and flowers in the spring and summer? You might want a pond, but are the children old enough to be safe near it?

Once you’ve decided how you want your garden, and got some gardening ideas, you can then design it properly and make the most of it. By getting it right in the first place, you’ll be able to enjoy it all year round.

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