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Toad Houses For Green Gardening

Toad houses for organic gardening is a perfect way to attract hungry toads that feed on thousands of harmful garden pests each day. This solution to green gardening pest control is fun and effective, but there are some specific requirements and responsibilities that need to be followed. If you truly are a green gardener you are already halfway there. The toad is nocturnal and very sensitive. Simply put, he breathes and drinks through his skin. This makes the need for his living environment to be absolutely free of toxins, herbicides, pesticides or any other chemical pollution. Even air pollution will chase away toads from the entire area. In this regard, organic fertilizers work well, and your green gardening toad houses will provide a healthy home for your new beneficial garden residents.

Now that we’ve got the yard cleaned up, let’s consider a habitat that will not only attract green gardening toads, but will keep them around for a happy and productive life. A simple tray of fresh water and a daily garden hose-down will provide a necessary water source. While any flower or vegetable garden needs it’s appropriate amount of sunlight, toads like cool, dark, damp and shaded places to make home. Some cool damp earth with plenty of moisture and a darkened hole or shaded niche can serve as natural toad shelters even though time and the elements are always a battle. Seems that little hollowed out niche in the mud just doesn’t want to hold up in a rainstorm. There are lots of ways to make natural toad houses out of broken terracotta pots or nestling a few old bricks and pieces of wood into the earth or under some plants. Not as pretty or decorative as the unique and fun commercial toad abodes, but, with maintenance, they can work. This, however, is where the many commercially made toad homes can provide a more dependable and safe day time environment for Mr. Toad while he prepares for his night time patrols.

If you’re thinking of the many wonderful and decorative toad houses that can be purchased, there are a few things to consider. First of all, they’re all delightfully attractive and sure to make your landscaping and garden design a big hit. But, make sure you select toad dwellings that are big enough to accommodate the larger toads. The female toad can be quite large. If you should want to decorate your green garden space with creative and cute ceramic or cast toad houses, please remember the toad by not placing his home in the ever-changing sun where he will sit and bake before the day is over! YEOW! Take time to shop the large and wonderful selection and different themes of green gardening toad houses, which will make your garden special!

Author, Douglas Becker, has been an advocate of the environment and nature since he was a boy. He is a green gardener, inveterate researcher and writer. Visit his website for more information on toad houses.

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